It is fairly well known that in 1963 Ford Motor Co. set out to buy Ferrari. Until now, however, the details of the story, and even official confirmation of the negotiations, have remained obscure. Here’s the story of what happened.

Ford knew that if they want to reign Motorsports, there wose only one race that materd. The Le Mans 24 hour race, the thoughest and most dangerous race.

The problem whose, Ford didn’t have a clue how to win at Le Mans, in spite of all their might, but somewhere in Italy, some one did. In the 1960 Enzo Ferraris cars ruled sportscar racing, specially La Mans. However Enzo had financial difficulties and when Ford offered to buy ferrari, Enzo agreed. They quickly agree on 16million dollars.

Ford representatives arrived with an army suit, Enzo – with a local lawyer. They’re turning over the contract and everything looked good when suddenly Enzo stops and Enzo pick’s up the pen and he wrote “No” to the Treaty.

Ferrari wanted to keep the obtained achievements in motorsport, but Ford wanted to owne them. Enzo Ferrari got up and went away. Ford overwhelmed called his team and ordered his team to structure sports car that is going to crush Ferrari at La Mans.

The challenge was huge. Needed to produce a car that will not only be able to go more than 200 miles an hour, but be safe and resistant to participate in the 24-hour race. The speed is switched more than 9,000 times, and had to be able to  drive 3,000 miles non-stop. And it all should be done within 10 months.

In the meantime, here it made the Ford GT. Thanks to his semi-milled body was only 40 inches above the ground, its promised to cut air like a rocket. Add 4.2-liter V8 and the magical dream of 200 miles per hour became real. Unfortunately, test drive the car crashed and the race wose only in two months. When it was time for the race, all Ford car crashed leaving Ferrari to win. And so a few years.

And then appeared improved GT which was able to participate in the race and not to crash. In the meantime, Ferrari made the P3. In appearance as a GT with a round body, but only 37.4 inches high, which made the car less than GT. P3 lost at top speed but geined mor from the corners.

At first GT took the lead, but after a few hours in started to remind the previous years. But Ford was unstopible and the next day Henry Ford II watched his cars drive away as winners.